Sanitize VR

Sanitize VR

If you enjoy using a VR headset, you need to stay on top of cleaning it. Sanitization is critical whether you have a headset that you sometimes share with friends or VR systems at your place of business or school. You would be amazed to know all contaminants that hide in various nooks and crannies of any smart device. Simply wiping with a cloth or using a chemical solution is rarely enough to sanitize VR properly.

About VR Headsets

There is no denying that everyone sweats and has body oils, dead skin cells, and any level of grime on their body at any given time. When you use a VR headset, these things transfer from you onto the unit. Most of the time, just wiping away surface dust or rubbing alcohol to swipe over the unit will not do the trick. Many people are now turning to the latest technology, such as a UV disinfection robot.

Know The Importance Of UV Sterilization

When it comes time to clean and sanitize VR headsets, you need to think beyond simple cleaning that may be in the manual for the device you own. There will be both dry and wet debris that can come from the human body that gets deposited on a virtual reality headset.

  • Dry debris – the dry stuff found under a microscope on a VR headset will include loose hair, scalp flakes, and dead skin cells. Over time, these things can build and cause annoyance or discomfort when using your VR headset.
  • Wet debris – the wet stuff often left on VR headsets will include sweat, oils, makeup, and other facial products. These will be much more noticeable, but there’s more.
  • Other debris – the other debris that can sometimes be found on frequently used devices may include earwax, lice, and other undesirables.

Even with a wipe down, you could be missing many of these elements and simply passing them along to others that use your VR headset and vice versa. Ultraviolet light devices are a much better option instead of trusting dry and wet wiping to get the system clean.

Disinfection Using UV Light Phone Sanitizers

The CleanBox units, such as a UVC clean phone sanitizer or units made for handling tablets, VR headsets, and more – will give you the ultimate clean and added peace of mind. While there may be other UV cleaning units on the market today, CleanBox has developed technology that involves no chemicals, no waste, no hassle, and no mistakes.

Rather than using harsh chemicals on your VR headsets that could ruin them, you will simply have to put them in the CleanBox system and wait for 60 seconds. This is the ultimate clean where you will be killing 99.999% of all contamination found on your device.

Is it time for you to find a new way to sanitize VR headsets that you own? We are here to help at CleanBox with the latest technology. We invite you to check out our latest equipment online to find the one that suits your needs best. You can also call us at (615) 208-4042, and we will address any questions you have about our products!

Sanitize VR

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